Dates: June 28-30, 2019
Location: Ness Creek
Host City: Just outside of Big River, Saskatchewan

CanIRON XII will run from Friday June 28 to Sunday June 30, 2019 at the Ness Creek Site located minutes away from the picturesque Nesslin Lake Campground and the resort town of Big River. The Saskatchewan Chapter of the Western Canadian Blacksmith Guild will host the event.

Featured Blacksmiths

Shawn Cunningham, Edmonton, Alberta

Artist blacksmithing, architectural, public works, custom tool making

Megan Carter & Mike Armstrong, Georgetown, Ontario

Period piece tool and utensil reproductions in wrought iron

Rick Marchand, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Artisan bladesmithing and practical handmade goods for the bush

John & Nancy Little, East Dover, Nova Scotia

Fantastical sound instruments and forged sculpture

Ethan Harty, Strome, Alberta

Tools for the blacksmith, farrier, and knifemaker, pattern welded steel

About CanIRON

Canada’s National Blacksmith Conference

Since 1997, CanIRON has been the premier biennial blacksmithing gathering, aimed at fostering friendship, collaboration, and skills development. The initial purpose of the event was for the betterment of all who attend, to exchange thoughts, ideas, procedures, technology, etc. and then take the knowledge back home and share.

“This event is not just for people who are practicing blacksmiths. It will inspire artists and designers of all media, anyone with an involvement or interest in metal, and those who are totally unfamiliar with the craft” –G.Haverstock, CBBA president

Held every second year, CanIRON moves west to east across Canada and is hosted alternately by eastern and western Canadian blacksmithing associations. The conference features presenters and demonstrators from a wide variety of metal working disciplines.

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Registration for the 2019 event is closed, stay tuned for information on the next event in 2021!

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Questions or concerns?


1. The site is on natural ground, reasonably flat but not smooth and level. Those with mobility issues may have some difficulty.

2. USA Residents – Handguns are NOT allowed in Canada. Rifles only if you are travelling through to Alaska. Please check with Canada Customs before you leave home.

3. Out of Country Visitors – Personal tools are okay. Our understanding is that tools for sale will be subject to tax and/or duty upon entry. Reimbursement for unsold goods will likely be by mail.

4. Individuals responsible for their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (safety glasses, hearing protection, proper footwear and clothing for the worksite).

5. Ness Creek has pet policies. Pets are not encouraged and must be leashed at all times. As well, the use of glass is discouraged due to the nature of the environment.

6. There will be pictures and videos taken at the event that may be uploaded to social media, SCWCBG, Ness Creek and CanIRON websites.


CanIRON has successfully partnered with cities, venues, companies, government and private organizations for more than two decades.

If you are interested in supporting a CanIRON event through sponsorship, please contact us via or get in touch with the host blacksmithing association directly.

Individuals or groups who are interested in volunteering their time for set up, take down, preparing materials, documenting, media, or other creative input are encouraged to connect via or through their local blacksmithing association.

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News & Updates

Blacksmithing Classes at Ness Creek

Stay on after CanIRON and take part in hands-on blacksmithing classes with CanIRON XII demonstrators. Two classes will be offered July 2-5, 2019 at the Ness Creek site. Class: Axes, Hatchets, & Tomahawks Instructor: Shawn Cunningham Level: Intermediate Register here: Class: Tools of the Trade Instructor: Megan Carter & Mike Armstrong Level: Intermediate Register …

CanIRON XII Demonstrator: Rick Marchand

Rick Marchand, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Artisan bladesmithing and practical handmade goods for the bush I’ve always been an outdoor enthusiast and have studied with several wilderness skills instructors. Over the years, I had either made or modified my equipment to suit a variety of conditions and environments. My tinkering eventually led me into …