CanIRON XII will run from Friday June 28 to Sunday June 30, 2019 at the Ness Creek Site located minutes away from the picturesque Nesslin Lake Campground and the resort town of Big River.

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1. The site is on natural ground, reasonably flat but not smooth and level. Those with mobility issues may have some difficulty.

2. USA Residents – Handguns are NOT allowed in Canada. Rifles only if you are travelling through to Alaska. Please check with Canada Customs before you leave home.

3. Out of Country Visitors – Personal tools are okay. Our understanding is that tools for sale will be subject to tax and/or duty upon entry. Reimbursement for unsold goods will likely be by mail.

4. Individuals responsible for their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (safety glasses, hearing protection, proper footwear and clothing for the worksite).

5. Ness Creek has pet policies. Pets are not encouraged and must be leashed at all times. As well, the use of glass is discouraged due to the nature of the environment.

6. There will be pictures and videos taken at the event that may be uploaded to social media, SCWCBG, Ness Creek and CanIRON websites.