CanIRON XIII Demonstrator: David Robertson

David Robertson, Cargill, Ontario

Wrought iron, furniture, sculpture

David is professional artist blacksmith with work in private collections across Canada, the US and as far flung as Ireland and Germany. After opening his business in 1987 and gaining 6 years of experience, he started teaching blacksmithing. In 1996 he was honored to be chosen as Artist in Residence at Joseph Schneider Haus museum in Kitchener. As a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s engineering program he has a unique perspective on design, and metallurgy and structural integrity.

Today his primary focus is using organic elements to create attractive and functional pieces. “Organic forms such as vines, leaves and flowers also translate into the unique nature of the steel. The semi-fluid nature of the steel when it is hot allows the flow of these modern designs. When cold, the strength of the steel permits the long self-supporting lines that are common in the plant world.”

David was demonstrator and lecturer at CanIRON VIII, and demonstrator at CanIRON VE.

For CanIRON XIII David will be acting as one of the “Lead Hands” to the demonstrators in the teaching tent.