CanIRON XIII Demonstrator: Terry Sheridan

Terry Sheridan, Collingwood, Ontario

Axes, adzes, forged pans, and tools

Terry is a self-employed machinist, welder and blacksmith from Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Most of his work is in the heavy construction machine industry, as well as, the local ski resort industry. At his business, most of his forging is for industrial applications; gas forges and power hammers are primarily used at the machine shop. His passion; however, is at home using a good ole’ coal forge and simple, hand-forged tools to create historically correct items from centuries past, including adzes, axes, chisels, knives, lead ladles and dividers, to name a few.

Terry has often demonstrated and taught at blacksmith organizations across the U.S.A., including SOFA Quadstate, Northern Ohio Blacksmith Assoc., Batson Blade Symposium, Alabama Forge Council, Pittsburgh Artist Blacksmith Assoc., the Illinois, Maryland and the Adirondack Blacksmith groups, in addition to the John C. Campbell Folk School.

For CanIRON XIII Terry will be demonstrating creating edged tools including a tomahawk.