Gallery At CanIRON XIII – Call to Artists

Kelly Probyn-Smith – Gallery Manager –

Once again CanIRON XIII will be mounting a professional level Gallery presentation to illustrate the scope of contemporary forged metalwork, both to inspire fellow artisan blacksmiths and to inform the general public of the wide range of work we collectively undertake.

peter braspenninx,
big cube 2 – peter braspenninx,

For CanIRON XIII, each attendee is invited to display up to 3 pieces of work – large or small, in the Gallery space. This is a great opportunity to show the rest of the blacksmithing community – and the public – what you do. You may offer the items up for sale, but please be aware that the items must remain in the gallery for the duration of the event, and Gallery Staff will not handle any sales transactions.

The intent of the Gallery is to highlight the diversity and artistry of the Ontario blacksmithing community as much as possible. To that end, you are welcome to present 3 different pieces of work. Items that are simply duplications of the same design (ie copies of the identical candle holder or corkscrew- may be withheld from display – at the discretion of Gallery staff).

Don’t have time to make something new, but have an existing piece that you want to bring? Please do – older works are welcome, but new work is strongly encouraged! Please remember that the public will have access to the gallery to see your creations, and pick up your promotional materials and information.

There will be more information about the gallery coming, but start thinking, and start making. If you are intending to bring a piece or three, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at and put CanIron or Gallery in the subject line. Even if you don’t know what you are bringing, knowing your intent will be a huge help in the setup.

Each item submitted must be identified by artisan and include a basic description. For those who are planning to bring items to the Gallery, please provide as much of the following information as possible – ahead of time (and as early as possible) will be a huge help.

Artists name (and/or Studio name)
Designation (Professional/Full-Time/Part-Time Blacksmith)
Length of Time Blacksmithing
Work Title
Materials Used
Creation Date
Shop Location & email or website
For Sale (and price)/ CanIron Auction / Private Collection (price if appropriate)
Also – approximate dimensions – hung or freestanding (floor / table mounted?)

**Please note that work for display in the gallery is to be primarily in metals, other materials should be secondary accents only. If you have a piece you would like to display that is not primarily in metals, contact Kelly ahead of time to discuss it. Samples of historic objects may be allowed for display – again, contact Kelly to discuss these possibilities.

All pieces must fit through a standard doorway. Oversized and extremely heavy pieces, or pieces which require assembly will require help from the the artists involved. Again, if you are unsure, contact Kelly before the event to discuss it.

**Also please note that “Professional Blacksmith” will, for gallery purposes, refer to those who make a majority portion of their living from blacksmithing work