CanIRON XIII will run from Thursday August 3 to Sunday August 6, 2023 at Centre Wellington Community Sportplex located at 550 Belsyde Ave E in Fergus, Ontario. The Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association will host the event.

Note: Full 4 day registration before June 1, 2023 is $300. After $350 (register early and save!)

Questions or concerns?
more about registration and accommodation on the registration page

Register Here

Tee Shirts
Are available for pre-order on the above registration page.

Camping on Site
Camping is available on the site with electrical and water. See the registration page

Meal Plan
Meal plan is available. See details on the registration page.
(there are pubs and restaurants close by)

Extra Family Members
Family members that wish to watch the demonstrators with the primary Registrant can be added on the Registration page.

Teaching Tent
This is a hands on area for scheduled working with the demonstrators. Here is a chance for one on one instruction from world class blacksmiths. There will be approximately 10 student spaces per demonstrator as well as some supervised free time.
Since this is a very popular area of the event for fairness spaces will be alloted by lottery. That is once your name has been selected for a space it will be removed from the next demonstrators lotterys, unless there are open spaces. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Once again Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association will be hosting an auction Saturday night relating to blacksmith items. You may find pieces of art work, tools, supplies, courses. Anything related to smithing could be possible.

Iron In The Hat
This is a time honored tradition. Typically for items smaller than what is in the auction. Tickets are purchased on raffle items. The more tickets you put toward an item the better your chances of winning. There is often an eclectic assortment of items. Depends on what people wish to donate.